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For X-ray testing electronic or mechanical components, we use GE Phoenix Xaminer industrial equipment, which you can now try for free.

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    • You’re welcome at our place with the part. (H-8200 Veszprém, Kistó u. 21.)
    • Ship the part by any of parcel services.
    • We visit You and pick up the component.
  3. We take X-ray images of the requested positions, which will be shared with You.
  4. We consult on the results and further options.
  5. If the free X-ray test is followed by a serial project, You will receive a 50% hourly rate discount!

    X-Ray testing (serial basic): 89.-€ / h
    Special offer: 44.5-€ / h

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    50% hourly rate discount
    as a special offer in case of serial inspection project.

    Free trial
    X-ray testing of electronic or mechanical components, by GE Phoenix Xaminer and Analyser tools

    Accredited services
    Assembly and soldering by IATF 16949, 3D measurement services by ISO/IEC 17025



    DEAL -50%

    Special offer for X-ray testing

    X-Ray testing (serial basic): 89.-€/h
    Special offer: 44.5.-€/h

    Main parameters of the X-ray tools:

    • 160 kV, 20 Watt, micro focus x-ray tube with removable collimators in order to get a clear image quality
    • 2 megapixel-resolution digital image intensifier system
    • The lowest resolution 0.5 µm
    • Geometric zoom > zoom 2/100, total magnifying 23 000
    • 5-axis manipulation system, 360 ° rotatable system
    • Up to 70 ° slewable detector
    • Maximum sample size: 410 mm x 410 mm, 5 kg

    External controlled manipulator to effective sample rotation

    X-Ray röntgenezés
    Bér- és előszerelési munkálatok végzése, forrasztás

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    We perform a comprehensive wagework as assembly or soldering precise in high quality, with well trained, experienced manpower. We can help to the customer to bridge the gap on missing capacity and assure sewing time and costs.

    Wage and preassembly:

    • Preassembly of part which are usual in the automotive industry, more different pars from plastic and metal.
    • Assembly of soldered parts
    • Complex manufacturing and assembly operations
    • Transport packaging, as prescribed
    • If necessary, we develop and manufacture the tools and equipments for the assembly


    Soldering electronic components or replace the non-conform part, rework soldering in ESD workplace.

    • soldering according to the IPC-A-610 standard
    • soldering miniature components
    • soldering with leaded and lead-free alloys
    • soldering under microscope
    • trained staff participate on a special soldering training inclusive theoretical and practical exam

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    Inspection, sorting & rework

    Selecting of the non-conform parts from the lot, and separated handling. According to working instruction and limit samples can be decided if the parts are conform to the quality criteria.

    Most frequent orders:

    • Visual inspection
    • Microscopic sorting
    • Camera assisted automated decisions
    • Serial X-ray sorting
    • Surface and tampon printing failures
    • Nest Nr. (#) sorting
    • Dimensional measurement (JIG, or or any)
    • Formal CSL1, CSL2
    • PCB inspection
    • ESD conformity

    Rework types:
    If the quality defects of the parts can be subsequently corrected, the controlled way this repairing means rework. For Example:

    • Grinding
    • Aesthetic repair
    • Burr removal
    • Dimensional correction
    • Repackaging, marking

    We create opportunities for our clients to grate save own working capacity, and to use for other activity, to save significant costs.

    Our process is as follows:

    • Order and quotation.
    • Receipt work instruction and limit samples, arrangement of activity.
    • Training the job for the operators, validation of the results, and determination of the norm time.
    • Receiving of parts, inspection, completing the rework, marking the ready parts.
    • Handover the parts, documentation, conformity tests
    • Performing reports and send
    • Accounting, performing of invoice

    In our plant, in the plant of the Client, or anywhere in…

    Minőség-ellenőrzés, válogatás, utómunka

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    3D measurement services

    Dimensional measurement ant environmental laboratory

    • 3D Scan
    • CMM
    • CT
    • Heat shock chamber
    • Climate  chamber
    • Material testing
    Bérmérs árkalkulátor


    Request easily an instant price offer for the measure technology that’s right for you.
    3D Scan, CMM, CT, Environmental tests, Material tests

    • Fast measurement service, even within 24 hours;
    • Simple quotation process
    • One-stop shop solution in case of complex tests
    • Convenient “pick and bring” component service;
    • Trustful, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory;
    • For any measurement, testing or material inspection task.


    If we can help on any quality, sorting or measurement problems, we are happy to be available at our contacts.

    Lippert Róbert

    Shopfloor leader

    +36 20 937 56 91

    Shift leader

    +36 20 937 56 91

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